A Ground-breaking Approach To Time Management

Sampada Chaudhari
3 min readNov 6, 2021

As a multi-passionate person, I’ve always struggled with managing my time.

No doubt, I’ve accomplished much in work and life, but I’ve also battled with productivity.

I’ve felt disheartened about not being able to do as much as I aspired.

Over the years, I’ve read a ton of books and articles on time management.

Most of these approaches encouraged me to fit more into my time to improve my productivity. This kept me running a race against time that I never seemed to win.

Bringing me back to the same place — i.e struggling with managing my time. It left me feeling utterly defeated and unproductive.

In 2018, I was delighted to come across Kate Northrup’s Do Less philosophy.

It’s a revolutionary, fresh and feminine approach to managing your time (well, actually your energy).

Kate in her book Do Less, shares gems of her nourishing and empowering approach to time.

Do Less is a book with a high healing quotient, just as most of Kate’s work. In this book, Kate shares some never heard before wisdom on time management. It’s deep yet delivered in a breezy style. It’s easy to comprehend and apply.

Her concepts are insightful, sustainable and yield high results. I’m most thankful to Kate for helping me (and some friends who’ve read the book) to start making shifts in how we manage time and hold our power in the world (yes, there’s a connection here).

I most loved her emphasis on energy management v/s time management — it’s been a winner for me.

I’m now an ardent practitioner of Kate’s ‘body first, business second’ mantra.

Grateful to Kate for normalising rest and replenishment in a culture that glorifies overworking. A culture that fills you with guilt for taking time out.

She brings forth the lies of toxic capitalism and the lie that your body doesn’t matter. Gently, she helps you disrupt the myth of overwork and pushing your body to work. She helps you delink your worth from your productivity.

She invites you to tend to your body first and experience how you show up more fully, present and effective. You’re likely to make better decisions and fewer mistakes.

Her techniques to tune into your body, intuition and truth are exceptional.

Do Less is packed with convincing and fresh approaches to productivity that work! I loved how it has helped me unwire and heal productivity challenges. Especially those that came from beliefs of a masculine work world dominated by the patriarchy we live in. It’s such a relief to get permission and the tools to manage time in a feminine way — a way that’s more aligned. And one that makes more sense!

Do Less is a must-read for women — (whether you’re a) mom or not. I deeply wish for more women to experience the magic of Do Less!



Sampada Chaudhari

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